nina 『AfterBirth』

2024.3.14 thu - 2024.4.21 sun

  • The session has been extended.
  • everyday 11:00 - 19:00
  • Admission Free

We are pleased to announce the opening of artist nina's solo exhibition "AfterBirth" as the inaugural exhibition of the New Gallery in Jimbocho.

During her time at Tokyo University of the Arts, nina captured significant attention with her lyrical visuals for the music video and jacket of YOASOBI's debut song "Into The Night," expressing the song's worldview. The series of girl portraits she has consistently drawn in various collaborations and personal works from the beginning are characterized by a distinctive use of pale colors, symbolizing nina's exploration of abstract existences between reality and virtuality.

The exhibition "AfterBirth" presents a completely new collection of works that reveal the raw physicality being lost in today's society, dominated by digital communication through displays. It focuses on the inner self = instinct and the true form of the human figures she has continuously depicted. The exhibition, featuring a variety of media including oil paintings, drawings, three-dimensional works, and display pieces, aims to delve into the emotive core of the worldview. Through the colors and light painted by nina, what essence dwelling deep within humans will "birth" in what form? Please don't miss the new developments of artist nina in her first solo exhibition.
In addition to the first sale of nina's works, also look forward to limited apparel items such as silk scarves made exclusively for this solo exhibition and merchandise featuring new illustrations.


Artist Statement

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to present my work at numerous venues, thanks to various connections and opportunities. In the process, I have managed to piece together fragments of thoughts accumulated within me, finally bearing new fruit.

I am thrilled to host my first solo exhibition.

This exhibition is centered around the theme "I don't want to forget the body." Amidst days of relying on machines and being swept away by a flood of information, all while continuously expanding the self, I felt as though I was losing my human core. I harbored a fear that continuing to extend myself would eventually lead to forgetting everything, including my core and instincts, fading away like mist. I believe what truly matters is much more tangible: the loved ones before our eyes, the sensations left in our hands. These, ultimately, are everything. With these thoughts in mind, I have put together this exhibition.

Revealing such a personal aspect of myself is a first for me, and the process of articulating my humble beliefs and delving deeper into them with my team has been an incredibly luxurious and happy experience. For the first time, I felt as if I had grasped the contours of my own existence.

I would be delighted if you could visit and witness this new challenge with me. Please enjoy!


  • Organized by New Gallery
  • Exhibition Direction by CON_


nina is an artist who creates works across various fields, including the music industry, fashion, and book design, with a focus on animation expression. She is renowned for her unique sense of color and touch, crafting distinctive worldviews that have garnered attention. Her notable works include the music video for YOASOBI's "Into The Night," the music video for Tatsuro Yamashita's "Sayonara Natsu No Hi" the COACH 2021 & 2023 POPUP installations, and the SPALDING collaboration, among others.